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Just Launched — Introducing Causal Analytics
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Predict lift without an A/B Test
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ClearBrain is like a Sherpa guiding you to find the most efficient trail to climb the Everest. ClearBrain helped us find new ways to intelligently segment our members and improve our product. We were able to ramp up quickly and are very excited by the results.
Miguel Dergal, Sr. Director of Product Management
ClearBrain helps growth marketers create predictions and target their users based on intent. It’s not quite magic, but it’s close.
Calvin French-Owen, Cofounder & CTO
Predict Lift Without An A/B Test

Introducing Causal Analytics

Speed wins. Stop wasting time digging around for answers. Immediately discover insights you didn’t know were possible and identify patterns in user behaviors you didn’t realize were there.

predictive segmentation

Set up predictive conversion goals for any KPI you're trying to move. ClearBrain's AI automatically analyzes your historical data to both track and forecast future conversions.

Predictive Conversion Goal
Last Week
This Week
Likely to engage
Likely to convert
Likely to re-engage
Likely to retain
Likely to churn
Projected Lift
View Referral
7,943 users
Visit Promo Page
1,542 users
Select Item
1,001 users
View Reviews
8,001 users
Add to Wishlist
2,981 users
Add Items
21,320 users
Simulating 5,000 A/B Tests To Find
Users who are likely to convert
CAUSAL insights
Causation. Not Correlation.

ClearBrain’s patent-pending technology continuously simulates A/B tests on every conversion goal, sifting through your historical data to isolate the causal effect of every user action.

How does it work? Read our White Paper on Generalized Causal Inference

incrementality engine
Discover points of leverage

Analyze how many users perform these causal behaviors each week and where there is drop-off. Identify critical audience segments and users that are getting stuck so that you can help them move forward.

Predict which actions increase the likelihood of a user to purchase
Users who searched > 3 times last week are 45% more likely to purchase.
Test a push notification to increase conversion rate.
Users in this audience were 24% more likely to have been referred by Facebook than Google.
Test shifting ad spend to Facebook to increase sign-ups.
Users in this audience are 17% more likely to respond to an email over ad retargeting.
Test an email audience to reduce cost per acquisition (CPA).
Experiment — Test campaigns to boost Purchase
View Referral
Visit Promo
Users who completed the first 2 steps are 23% more likely to purchase this week.
Launch Experiment
CAUSAL insights
Activate Lift Across Every Channel

Build and save audiences with the greatest lift potential, and activate them on any digital channel. ClearBrain integrates with your CDP, CRM, and Ad Platforms to enable seamless activation of the right message to the right users at the right time.

Causal Analytics

Amplitude + ClearBrain

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ClearBrain offers both the tools and strategy to scale your growth campaigns. Download our free guide to growth, including 15 step-by-step strategies to improve your ROI.

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Transform Analytics with Artificial Intelligence

We’re on a mission to democratize access to ML. Already processing over a billion user predictions a week, we’re rethinking traditional analytics from data collection to inference. If you’re excited about ML and love big data challenges, we’d love to talk.